[Download] Galaxy S10/S10e and S10+ Wallpaper Templates

If you are curious and have the inspiration to create your own, here are a couple of templates for you to download that will help you to create your own custom Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e wallpapers.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10e Wallpaper Template
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Wallpaper Template

There were created by OfficerOtaku over on Reddit and will help you to line up your creative ideas. Clicking or tapping on either of these images above should take you to the full resolution image and you can save it to your computer/device from there.

I would also like to feature an application from the legendary Android developer, Chainfire. The application is called Hidey Hole and while it does offer a selection of wallpapers to choose from, there is more going on under the hood. The Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, and Galaxy S10+ all have camera hole cutouts that are in different places.

Most Galaxy S10 wallpapers take the difference in the position of the Galaxy S10e into account. . .but some don’t. Then you have the Galaxy S10/S10e wallpapers that look off on the S10+ and vice versa. However, you can use the Hidey Hole app to help align some of these mistakes. It’s all based on maths so it isn’t a perfect solution. But it is a nice little app to have on hand.

Galaxy S10 Camera Cutout App
Click the image above to be taken to the app’s Google Play page.